Computer Scientist & Sound Engineer

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Sonification of Sleep Data

Starting January 2021

Conduct research to assist the diagnosis of sleeping disorders through the sonification of electroencephalogram (EEG) data into techno/ambient music. Research is conducted under Dr. Stephen Rush's Multidisciplinary Research Project at the University of Michigan in collaboration with Mayo Sleep Clinic.

Movement VST

Movement VST Audio Plugin

Version 1.0

A vibrato and tremolo VST plugin designed to bring movement to your music. Implemented a vibrato sound effect by using a delay line modulated with a low frequency oscillator. Made with the JUCE C++ framework. To be released under my own future audio company, FASA Audio.

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An Instagram clone for my web systems course, EECS 485. Implemented key Instagram features such as follow/following, posting photos and explore tab. Made with Python Flask, React and SQLite3.


Scary Monsters and Nice Spheres

Music Producer

A mixtape released under my moniker, adjuul. The mixtape is a collection of experimental electronic beats, each named after a mythical creature. Featured in A2 Pulp Magazine.

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Wolverinesoft Global Game Jam 2020

Music Composer and Sound Designer of "Robot"

Composed the music and sound design for the game, Robot. Focusing on a robot's journey to escape a factory, the game has an electronic music soundtrack paired with industrialistic sound effects.

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Last Lettermen

Last Lettermen

Music Producer and Band Member

Trumpeter, cellist and pianist for Kuala Lumpur based band, Last Lettermen. Main sound engineer for the band's releases. Gathered 10k streams in counting.

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abstract virus

Abstract Visualization and Sonification of Virus Data

Created an abstract visualization and sonification of virus data using space colonization algorithm. Demonstrated the exponential spread of viruses through an artistic method. Used Max/MSP and Processing.

monochrome waves

Monochrome Waves

Made an abstract piece that demonstrates the ratio between space, sound and frequency. Used Max/MSP and Processing.

3d rasterization

3D Rasterization

Processed 2D images of martial artists, architectural structures, athletes and planets into 3D spherical sculptures using rasterization technique. Used Processing.